Lorenzo Sanchez-Stewart (1970)


Professional qualifications:


Notary Public in Dublin - Ireland (2019)

Diploma in Notarial Law & Practice by the Institute of Notarial Studies (2018-2019)

Notary Public in England & Wales (2012)

Diploma in Notarial Practice by the University of Cambridge (2005-2008)

Solicitor of the Supreme Court of England & Wales (1995-1996)

Registered Solicitor in Ireland
Professor on Tax Law at Universidad International de Andalucía 

Masters in Legal Business Practice (LL.M.) by the Instituto de Empresa in Madrid (1994 – 1995)

Studies for the State Advocacy (1.993–1.994)

Law degree (Abogado) by the University of Barcelona (1.988 – 1.993)

Member number 2965 of the Malaga Bar Association
Member number 193762 of the Law Society


Professional Activities:


Notary Public Dublin (2019 - )

Notary Public England & Wales (2012 - )

Partner at Sánchez Stewart Abogados with offices in Marbella and London (2000 - ).

Associate General Notary at Imision Notaries in London (2011-2012).

Solicitor registered with number 193762 at the Law Society, holding a Practising Certificate.

Lawyer registered with number 2.965 at the Malaga Bar Association.

Specialized in Real Estate & Conveyancing, Taxation, Civil, Commercial and Administrative Law.

ISO 9001:2000 Certification for 'Quality in legal assistance and advice in court and out of court matters' since October 2.001.

Lawyer for Ernst & Young Abogados (Madrid) - specialized in Corporate Law, Taxation and Administrative Law (1.996 - 2.000).

Assistant and legal trainee at Bufete Ferreras Abogados (Barcelona) - specialized at their Legal, Taxation, Accounting and Auditing department (1.991 - 1.993).

Assistant at Gabinete Martínez Comín (Barcelona) at their Accounting and Auditing department (1.988 - 1.991).


Courses and seminars:


Multiple specialization courses within the scope of my main areas of practice, such as:


Practical Week-end on Notarial Practice by the University of Cambridge

Masters in Advocacy - Special Awards.

Seminar on Urban Planning by the Illustrious Malaga Bar Association
Seminar on Internal Quality Audit by the Málaga Bar Association.
Seminar on Taxation by the Illustrious Bar Association of Malaga.
Diploma on Basic and Financial Accounting by the Instituto de Empresa of Madrid.
Seminar on Environment by the Instituto de Empresa de Madrid.
Seminar on Community Law by the Barcelona Bar Association.
Diploma of Advocacy by the School of Legal Practice - 800 hours (2004-2005)
Course in Notarial Practice – London (2017, 2016, 2015)
Seminar on succession of foreign nationals with assets in Spain. Key issues in the European Succession Regulation (2017)
Diploma on Inheritance Tax Planning after the reform to inheritance and gift tax law (2017)
Seminar on the current urbanistic situation in Marbella (2016)
Seminar on Tax Residency, Real Estate Taxation in Spain of Non-Resident individuals and corporations (2015)
Conference on Administrative Notifications: Practical and jurisprudential review (2015)
Seminar on Inheritance and Gift Tax (2014)
Seminar on Problems related to the conservation of urbanizations from the perspective of both
Seminar on the Advocate’s duties in Money Laundering Prevention (2014)
Seminar on the validity of the current Land Law (2014)
Private and Public Law (2013)
Seminar on tax amnesty, corporate tax reform and other developments (2012)
Seminar on Tax Fraud and Tax Offense (2011)
Seminar on technical and legal issues as a consequence of the new Marbella Zoning Plan (2010)
Seminar on the reforms of the Notarial Regulation (2007)
Seminar on fiscal developments in real estate and corporate matters (2007)
Congress on breach of contract in real estate transactions (2006)
Attendance to the Program on Insolvency Law (2003)
Diploma on practical issues in urban planning (2002)
Seminar on Intestate Succession in the Civil Code (2002)
Diploma on the Law of Civil Procedure (2001)
Diploma on Tax and Fiscal regulations (1999)
Seminar on the procedure for administrative economic claims (1996)
Seminar on the Regulation of the Mercantile Registry (1996)
Seminar of the liability of Company Directors (1995)
Diploma on Taxation (1994)
Seminar on Land Registry and Mortgage Law (1991)




Certificate of Proficiency in English by the University of Cambridge.

French speaking.

Fluent in Catalan.

Member of the Stewart Society.