Lorenzo Sanchez Stewart - Notary Public


Lorenzo Sanchez-Stewart, Notary Public has the expertise to deal with all types of notarial work.


Its speciality in drafting and preparing documents for their use in Spain has enabled the firm to continually provide quality services to the full satisfaction of our clients.


Companies and individuals may need a notary in connection with legal services abroad arranged to be transacted from here, or foreign nationals may use a notary in London who speaks their language.


A personalised service and attention to detail has allowed us to build a continuous client base.


Notarial profession


A Notary Public is a legal officer of ancient standing. The functions of notaries include the preparation and execution of legal documents for use abroad, attesting the authenticity of deeds and writings and protesting bills of exchange.


The admission and regulation of notaries in England and Wales is one of the functions of the Faculty Office. The jurisdiction was confirmed and enhanced by the Courts and Legal Services Act 1990.


All notaries public are admitted to the roll of notaries by the Faculty Office.


An overview of our services


  • Notarising documents requested and or prepared by lawyers for the sale and purchase of property worldwide.
  • Powers of attorney.
  • Wills for Spain.
  • Residency / identity / status for the purpose opening bank account or family related matters.
  • Witnessing signatures to contracts and other documents.
  • Notarising true copies of original documents such as passports, driving licences, academic and professional qualifications, ...
  • Translations.
  • N.I.E. numbers for Spain.
  • Administration of oaths and taking affidavits and statutory declarations.
  • Legalisation of documents with the Apostille and Consular attendance.